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quotes image.pngI have been using Colorado Soy's Fancy Sheep Creep for the last 2 years.  It is the best Sheep Creep feed I have ever used.  The sheep start out quicker, and once they get going they bloom better.  Since switching to Colorado Soy's flame -roasted grain products our sheep have not had any health problems like they did on other feed.  Service has been great too.

— Andy Hase, Kirk, Colorado

quotes image.pngI have been feeding Colorado Soy's  flame-roasted grain products for 3 years and have not had to really push our cattle to gain.  They average 3 lbs a day gain and we don't see the bypass, so we know the cattle are using all of the product and gaining without being stressed.

— Caryn - Manager, Liming Feed Service

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Since I switched to Colorado Soy's Egglayer 2 years ago, my egg production has increased by 15% to 20%. The general health of my chickens is better and my older chickens have begun to lay again.  I highly recommend Egglayer to anyone who has egg producing chickens.

 — Nick Schaal, Bethune, Colorado

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We raise 4H pigs from birth to sell and use Colorado Soy's Show Pig Grower and Finisher.  It produces more live weight gain than any other product we have tried.  We would never switch to anything else, and we recommend it to anyone who asks.  Its been our favorite for the last five years.

— Carmen White, Stratton, Colorado

quotes image.pngI was searching for a mill that would produce a custom-made grain for my comepetitive bucking bulls.  Colorado Soy was the answer.  They were the only mill that used roasted grains, and understood that I wanted controlled weight gain but maximun muscle and bone growth.  The roasted grains are highly digestible and the mix they developed did exactly what I was searching for, with a TDN of over 80%! I feed less, which costs less.  I was so impressed with the results with the bull grain, I am feeding their Go-Getter grain to my calf roping and my wife's barrel horses. 

— Mike Hadley
PBR Finals Bucking Bull Contractor
5-time CPRA Calf Roping Champion and
17-time PRCA Calf Roping Qualifier

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