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Anyone who is in the production of livestock or poultry for profit should be feeding rations of roasted grains and high-energy roasted soybeans. From the smallest family farm to the largest cattle ranch, roasted grain feeds benefit the livestock and the owner's pocketbook.

Colorado Soy produces its feed by roasting grains. We produce products that are a total feed for hogs and poultry.  Horses, cattle, sheep, and goats will require the use of hay as a partial feed.

Roasting can increase the nutrient level of grains, enhance animal productivity and increase your profits. Roasted feed is 98% digestible versus some competitive feeds that are as low as 14% digestible.

Cost Effective! With Results!

  • Colorado Soy roasted feed is 98% digestible versus some competitive feeds that are as low as 14%.
  • Use less, decrease your cost while increasing the overall quality of your livestock.

Why Roasted Grains?

Benefits of roasting grain as feed:

  • Increase the nutrient level of grains
  • Eliminates molds that can be poisonous to animals
  • Enhances digestibility
  • Transforms saturated fats to unsaturated fats
  • Preserves the digestive aid, lecithin
  • Sterilizes noxious weed seeds
  • Rich aroma increases palatability
  • Enhances animal productivity, performance and quality
  • Faster growth and weight gain
  • Enhances  the overall health of the animal
  • Decrease cost of feed (use less)

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