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Our customers have had great success using the Colorado Soy poultry feeds. Breeders have better production, hatchability and live ability.  Commercial egg layers maintain a better and longer lay with fine quality eggs and a savings on feed.

"If poultry are expected to remain healthy and productive, they must consume adequate amounts of all the necessary nutrients. The quantity of each required nutrient varies depending on many variables like species of bird, age, productive state, environmental conditions and disease status. Fortunately, many nutritional deficiency problems can be identified by the unique symptom each exhibits.

There are many types of beans including soybeans that are used as ingredients in bird diets. In general, all beans and peas are good protein and energy sources for birds. The primary problem with their use is that they must be processed prior to feeding."

Excerpt from MSU Poultry Feeds & Nutrition

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Since I switched to Colorado Soy's Egglayer 2 years ago, my egg production has increased by 15% to 20%. The general health of my chickens is better and my older chickens have begun to lay again.  I highly recommend Egglayer to anyone who has egg producing chickens.

— Nick Schaal, Bethune, Colorado

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