Quality Livestock Feeds

Equine Performance Enhanced!

Improvement in performance by nutrition alone!

We are talking 25% just by feeding all-natural feed that has been formulated with flame roasted grains.

  • How many lengths does that get you in a race?
  • How much focus and energy in catching a calf or steer?
  • How much in quality and overall performance?

Reduce the cost of feeding and caring for your horses by feeding them Colorado Soy roasted grains!
Researchers and veterinarians today are telling us that one effective way to avoid many of the health problems for which horses are prone, is by feeding less grains.

Because hay and pasture quality differ so much, this is easier said than done. Hay and pastures that keep some horses round and fat will be extremely inadequate for others.

Roasted grains are gentler to the digestive system and more easily digestible. In a nutritional leap forward, the increased digestibility imparted by this roasting process will allow you to reduce the size of your horses' rations by up to 50%.

Cost evaluations of most feeding programs save owners 30-50% on their monthly feed bills and veterinary bills because their horses are healthier; maintaining body condition and energy without the need for any supplements. Review the nutritional facts and decide to give your  horses the BEST!

Roasted Grains are FREE of Contaminates

Every day horses are robbed of their peak performance levels by common contaminants in grain product.

  • Dirt from the combine/equipment at harvest
  • Mold and fungus
  • Salmonella, E coli, Botulism and Protozoa
  • Rodent urine and feces
  • Mycotoxins and Aflatoxins

Find the BEST Colorado Soy feed to meet the needs of your livestock.