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Youth and Livestock Competition Programs

Colorado Soy Roasted Grains Feed have been represented in many livestock competitions....from National Livestock Shows to the local county fair!

The success by youth competiting in 4-H and FFA competitions, with livestock feed our feeds has been astonishing.  From our own experience with 4-H and FFA, we know that completing your records for your livestock competition is a big task and sometimes confusing.

Youth Rebate Program

We also offer a rebate for 4-H and FFA programs on feeds purchased from Colorado Soy.  We offer a 5% rebate on feed purchases of over $500 (account current).

calculaotr.PNGWe can help with your 4-H and FFA Records!

Use our Livestock Rate of Gain Calculator to help you complete your records.

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We raise 4H pigs from birth to sell and use Colorado Soy's Show Pig Grower and Finisher.  It produces more live weight gain than any other product we have tried.  We would never switch to anything else, and we recommend it to anyone who asks.  Its been our favorite for the last five years.

— Carmen White, Stratton, Colorado

Here are some of our past champions! 

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