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In recent years, cattlemen have become aware of the need for meeting the requirements of their cattle. The roasted soybean is making a fantastic breakthrough.  Cattlemen consistently report firmer beef, higher yield, better color and texture and top prices in the marketplace.

"I have had locker plants call and ask if I sold feed to some of their customers, because the carcasses are some of the best they have seen",    Eric Ziegler, Plant Manager.

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Dairymen are reporting these results from feeding roasted grains ...

  • Increase in butterfat, 2 to 6 tenths of 1%
  • As high as 10% more milk on 10% less feed
  • General improvement in herd health and appearance
  • Fewer mastitis problems
  • Healthier calves and less aborting
  • Decrease in vet bills
  • Reduction in scours
  • Enhanced growth

The fly season is upon us! We all know that flies are a nuisance - truly a pest, but don't always realize just how large of an economic drain they can be on our livestock if left uncontrolled.  More info on fly infestion control.

quotes image.pngI was searching for a mill that would produce a custom-made grain for my comepetitive bucking bulls.  Colorado Soy was the answer.  They were the only mill that used roasted grains, and understood that I wanted controlled weight gain but maximun muscle and bone growth.  The roasted grains are highly digestible and the mix they developed did exactly what I was searching for, with a TDN of over 80%! I feed less, which costs less.  I was so impressed with the results with the bull grain, I am feeding their Go-Getter grain to my calf roping and my wife's barrel horses. 

— Mike Hadley
PBR Finals Bucking Bull Contractor
5-time CPRA Calf Roping Champion and
17-time PRCA Calf Roping Qualifier

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