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280_bag_edited-2.jpgWe roast our grains!

Colorado Soy produces its feed by roasting grains. We produce products that are a total feed for hogs and poultry. Horses, cattle, sheep, and goats will require the use of hay as a partial feed.

Roasting can increase the nutrient level of grains, enhance animal productivity and increase your profits. Colorado Soy roasted feed is 98% digestible versus some competitive feeds that are as low as 14% digestible. Colorado Soy feed products allow you to feed less with better gain..faster. Get your livestock to market faster at a lower cost. Colorado Soy roasted feed products produce tender meat and poultry products.

The grain roasting process begins when the grain flows through the open flame, increasing Total Digestive Nutrition (T.D.N.). Raw soybeans contain the toxic enzymes urease and lipoxdose, which interfere with digestion and growth in animals. Dry heat at a high temperature destroys the toxic enzymes, while the oil and lecithin are retained. The oil and lecithin are turned into a golden, peanutty-flavored, nutritious product with roasted aroma, bringing out the best qualities of the fullfat soybeans.

Roasting grains converts saturated fat into unsaturated fat, destroys molds (seen and unseen), and changes carbohydrates (starches) to dextrin (sugar).  Through roasting, grains are converted into a more digestible form, requiring less feed. In horses, roasted grains can reduce the amount of feed by 50%.