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Healthier Hogs

The benefits of roasted grains fed to swine

  • Hogs are healthier
  • Sows milk better and heavier
  • Sows produce healthier and heavier pigs at birth and weaning

Combining roasted soybeans and roasted corn in the ration gives hog producers a greatly improved feed efficiency.  Feeder pigs get off to a better, faster start with fresh roasted beans.  Hogs fed roasted grains have a consistent grade increase of 10%.


Click on a product tab (below) to discover the benefits of one of the Colorado Soy feeds.  You can also do a side-by-side comparison of the guaranteed analysis labels.  Find the BEST Colorado Soy feed to meet the needs of your livestock.

Show Pig Nursery Step 1 #8125280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    20% protein
•    Sole ration
•    High in Lysine
•    Highly digestible
•    Increases growth

General Show Pig Finisher #8107280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    17% protein
•    Sole ration
•    High in Lysine
•    Highly digestible

Swine Grower #8105280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    17% protein
•    Sole ration up to 150 lbs.
•    For commercial hogs
•    No supplements added
•    Good Lysine level for building muscles

Commercial Swine Finisher #8110280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    Sole ration
•    Maintains sows and boars during and after the gestational period
•    150 lbs. to finish
•    No supplements added

Sow Gestation #8120280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    Sole ration
•    Good protein for sows in their gestational period
•    Healthier piglets
•    Highly digestible

Sow Lactation #8122280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    Gets sows to produce good milk
•    Sole ration
•    High in protein
•    Increases the quality of the milk for healthier piglets


We raise 4H pigs from birth to sell and use Colorado Soy's Show Pig Grower and Finisher.  It produces more live weight gain than any other product we have tried.  We would never switch to anything else, and we recommend it to anyone who asks.  Its been our favorite for the last five years.

— Carmen White, Stratton, Colorado

Review the Guaranteed Analysis Labels. Compare side by side to choose what best fits your livestock needs.

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