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Healthier Hogs

The benefits of roasted grains fed to swine

  • Hogs are healthier
  • Sows milk better and heavier
  • Sows produce healthier and heavier pigs at birth and weaning

Combining roasted soybeans and roasted corn in the ration gives hog producers a greatly improved feed efficiency.  Feeder pigs get off to a better, faster start with fresh roasted beans.  Hogs fed roasted grains have a consistent grade increase of 10%.


Click on a product tab (below) to discover the benefits of one of the Colorado Soy feeds.  You can also do a side-by-side comparison of the guaranteed analysis labels.  Find the BEST Colorado Soy feed to meet the needs of your livestock.

Show Pig Nursery Step 1 #8125280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    20% protein
•    Sole ration
•    High in Lysine
•    Highly digestible
•    Increases growth

General Show Pig Finisher #8107280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    17% protein
•    Sole ration
•    High in Lysine
•    Highly digestible

Swine Grower #8105280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    17% protein
•    Sole ration up to 150 lbs.
•    For commercial hogs
•    No supplements added
•    Good Lysine level for building muscles

Commercial Swine Finisher #8110280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    Sole ration
•    Maintains sows and boars during and after the gestational period
•    150 lbs. to finish
•    No supplements added

Sow Gestation #8120280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    Sole ration
•    Good protein for sows in their gestational period
•    Healthier piglets
•    Highly digestible

Sow Lactation #8122280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    Gets sows to produce good milk
•    Sole ration
•    High in protein
•    Increases the quality of the milk for healthier piglets


Since I switched to Colorado Soy's Egglayer 2 years ago, my egg production has increased by 15% to 20%. The general health of my chickens is better and my older chickens have begun to lay again.  I highly recommend Egglayer to anyone who has egg producing chickens.

— Nick Schaal, Bethune, Colorado

Review the Guaranteed Analysis Labels. Compare side by side to choose what best fits your livestock needs.

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