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Sheep and Goats

180_lamb_edited-1.jpgFeed is the single largest cost associated with raising small ruminants. Nutrition plays a very large influence on flock reproduction, milk production, and lamb and kid growth.

"Late-gestation and lactation are the most critical periods for ewe and doe nutrition, with lactation placing the highest nutritional demands on ewes/does. Nutrition level largely determines growth rate in lambs and kids. Lambs and kids with higher growth potential have higher nutritional needs, especially with regards to protein. Animals receiving inadequate diets are more prone to disease and will fail to reach their genetic potential."

University of Maryland Article


Click on a product tab (below) to discover the benefits of one of the Colorado Soy feeds.  You can also do a side-by-side comparison of the guaranteed analysis labels.  Find the BEST Colorado Soy feed to meet the needs of your livestock.

EaZy Goat #8525280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    15% protein
•    Maintain all breads of goats
•    Sole ration
•    No supplements needed

17% Goat Feed #8520280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    Very little fat in the ration
•    Gains of .5 to .6 lbs. a day has been reported
•    For all classes of goats


18% Goat #8515280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    Kid goat ration
•    Medicated for Coccidiosis
•    Less feed – save money
•    High in fiber

14% Sheep Ration Medicated #8503280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    Helps maintain young lambs to finish
•    Highly digestible



Sheep Show Finisher #8505280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    Low in fat/ high in fiber
•    Highly digestible
•    Medicated for Coccidiosis
•    Softer finishing touches

Fancy Sheep Creep #8500280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    17% protein
•    Medicated for a healthy start
•    Medicated for Coccidiosis
•    Can be fed to kids and adult sheep
•    Highly digestible

Ewe Ration #8507280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    15% protein
•    Maintains ewes during non-gestational periods




Review the Guaranteed Analysis Labels. Compare side by side to choose what best fits your livestock needs.

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