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In recent years, cattlemen have become aware of the need for meeting the requirements of their cattle. The roasted soybean is making a fantastic breakthrough.  Cattlemen consistently report firmer beef, higher yield, better color and texture and top prices in the marketplace.

"I have had locker plants call and ask if I sold feed to some of their customers, because the carcasses are some of the best they have seen",    Eric Ziegler, Plant Manager.


Dairymen are reporting these results from feeding roasted grains ... 

  • increase in butterfat, 2 to 6 tenths of 1%
  • as high as 10% more milk on 10% less feed
  • general improvement in herd health and appearance
  • fewer mastitis problems
  • healthier calves and less aborting
  • decrease in vet bills
  • reduction in scours
  • enhanced growth

The fly season is upon us! We all know that flies are a nuisance - truly a pest, but don't always realize just how large of an economic drain they can be on our livestock if left uncontrolled.  More info on fly infestion control.


Click on a product tab (below) to discover the benefits of one of the Colorado Soy feeds.  You can also do a side-by-side comparison of the guaranteed analysis labels.  Find the BEST Colorado Soy feed to meet the needs of your livestock.

Steer Finisher #5210280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    13% protein
•    High in fiber
•    Highly digestible
•    CinnaGarTM– helps with immune system & digestive systems
•    Roasted soybeans help to “shine up” your cattle


12% Grower #5200
•    Highly digestible - gets show cattle off to a good start
•    CinnaGarTM – helps with immune system & digestive systems
•    Roasted soybeans help to “shine up” your cattle
•    Very palatable - see the “bloom” in your show cattle
•    Feed less – save money


Market Beef #5214
•    Less waste
•    Faster gains
•    Helps finish off your market steer for sale


Creep Feed #2 Medicated #5207
•    13% protein
•    Less stress on calves
•    Contains alfalfa pellets to counteract hay shortage
•    Faster gains
•    Less waste
•    Better overall herd health due to medicated minerals in the feed


Creep Feed #2 Non-Medicated #5208
•    Highly successful for growing calves
•    Can be used in creep feeder or hand-fed
•    Great for growing all natural cattle

Calf Starter  #5001280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    19% protein
•    Medicated for prevention of coccidiosis
•    For use on calves 1 week old, up to 280 lbs.
•    Highly digestible and palatable


Heifer Ration #5220
•    14% protein
•    Highly digestible
•    Increases lactation and milk supply

Range Mix  #5222280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    Feed freely to cattle on pasture
•    High in protein
•    High in fat

Dairy Calf Feed #5213280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    15% protein
•    Medicated for Coccidiosis
•    Good source of Vitamin A
•    High in fat

All Purpose Mix #5215280_bag_edited-3.jpg
•    13% protein
•    Can feed to young cattle, heifers, cows and bulls
•    Cost savings
•    High protein diet


New Product! 


Protein Tub!    

Don’t let you cattle lack in nutrition during this winter. Stock up on your  protein lick tubs today.  Our tubs will help control consumption, increase heard health with the use of Amaferm, and increase your profit.   Read More....


Since I switched to Colorado Soy's Egglayer 2 years ago, my egg production has increased by 15% to 20%. The general health of my chickens is better and my older chickens have begun to lay again.  I highly recommend Egglayer to anyone who has egg producing chickens.

— Nick Schaal, Bethune, Colorado

Review the Guaranteed Analysis Labels. Compare side by side to choose what best fits your livestock needs.

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